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Avolachi Fresh Produce Limited was incorporated in the year 2021 as a private Company. We focus on the growth and export of Avocados from Kenya and Tanzania. Our presence in Kenya and Tanzania enhances our ability to export produce all year round. Our inspiration is to create a positive experience for the end consumer. We are committed to sustainability through continuous maintenance and expansion of our orchards, working closely with small-scale farmers, certifying bodies, customers, and other stakeholders to achieve our common goals.

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Welcome to our Organic Avocado Haven, where lush orchards meet sustainable farming practices. Discover the pure delight of handpicked, nutrient-rich avocados cultivated with care and commitment to organic excellence. Our avocados boast unrivaled flavor and quality from tree to table, embodying a harmony between nature and nourishment. Explore our bountiful orchards, learn about eco-friendly farming methods, and indulge in the delectable world of organic avocados. Join us in savoring the essence of green goodness.

Avolachi Orchards
Avolachi Orchards
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Organic. Sustainable. Traceable.

We operate in two separate locations in: Kenya; where our main operation and Head Office is based, and our other orchards are situated in Tanzania.

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We are keen on the safety of our agricultural products for the nourishment of human life. Our food safety measures are stringent throughout the farming cycle and post-harvest management.

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For us, Organic farming goes hand-in-hand with the maintenance of biodiversity, preserving regional ecological balances, maintaining good water quality, and enhancing soil fertility. 

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We are GRASP assessed. We prioritize the health, safety, and welfare of our workers at our farms. Our principal social practice is to ensure the well-being of our workers just as we consider the well-being of our end consumers.

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